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Welcome to the Cavitt Clan!

This isn’t going to be your every day run of the mill, I need attention or I want to make money off this blog, blog. This is going to be me sharing what I need to share, whether it be about my family, my photography, my personal life, my Pinterest projects or just about the Bachelor. Who knows what I will come up with? I just want a place to be able to get it out. The good, the bad and the ugly. And I have plenty of ugly to share ;)

So a little about me…

I have two wild girls and a husband that probably thinks I am nuts for starting this blog, but smiles and supports all of my crazy choices. We live in NC, where right now the threat of snow flurries is sending the whole state into a crazy tailspin. I even saw someone post a picture of the bread isle that was completely empty. I have to wonder, are there that many people that don’t have bread at home on a normal basis and if you don’t, why buy now? If you didn’t eat it before, why all of the sudden do you feel like if you are stuck at home for 12 hours you need it now? It blows my mind. In fact as I write this my mom is texting me that I should probably head home because “we are getting some flurries.” So I will keep this short because I don’t want to end up on the side of the road with a mom that will say, “I told you so.” Haha! You will learn I have a great relationship with my mom and dad. Both of my parents are great and I am, you guessed it, blessed to have them around.

I have three jobs. I am a photographer, a real estate agent and an Administrative Director for a company that shall remain nameless. I don’t want to get fired ;)

Can’t you tell I have plenty of time to blog!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and take a gander at what I have to say. Clicking the submit button to starting this blog will be the hardest thing for me.

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